Saturday, November 23, 2013


It seems that no two days are alike lately - each day seems to be a cafeteria of unrelated happenings served up in one big pile on my plate.... doesn't sound too appetizing. Even with a few desserts mixed in it still feels like days without purpose.  Of course there is work each day at the church, yet often "interrupted" by things that can seem to drain more life than give it, I have been sick on and off for the last two weeks, lost my voice, sleep eludes me, the starter on my Jeep keeps playing games with me, too much driving, I had to cancel the church BBQ for tomorrow because of rain - in Tucson??? The one delight was having the Cats upset Oregon today!! Are days filled with the miscellaneous what this life is about? Where are the great things?!

As I reflect on this - in between sneezing and blowing my nose - I realize that Jesus' days were not much different. Pressed in by people, no time to eat, trouble all around, complaints and demands, dusty roads, meals at odd times - days filled with the demanding and mundane..... Yet - Jesus embraces each one as a gift, each moment as it is - filled with the works of God - yes, He had some momentous moments but a lot of the miscellaneous as well.

So on this day Lord - give me eyes to see Your presence in every normal and even frustrating moment and give me a heart that is filled with gratitude that I walk through each of these with You!

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  1. Sorry for your cold, I hope the Phillips children didn't infect your whole house :( thanks for these thoughts.


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