Wednesday, February 8, 2012


   On occasion I get this glimpse of being a part of some grand movement of God - some lofty goal and purpose that will override all of the usual, busy routines of my day. On other occasions - OK, usually - I just plug along through my day. I check items off my list, I respond to the needs or demands on my time. The majority of the things I do are a repetition of the prior day and there is no real sense of a great, eternal purpose or calling. We just live and hope that perhaps at some point we will get to do something of significance. For many of us this(the belief that there is more but we will never be a part of of) leads to discouragement, a marked lack of zeal and a deep weariness of soul. Others just ignore the questions about purpose and significance and go along as though this is it - we proceed to find things that give a false value to our life.

At church we have begun our 25 week journey through Ephesians and get right into the thick of it this week as we look at Eph. 1:3-6. No matter what view you may take on election and predestination it is impossible to miss the truth in this section that God moves with intention and purpose. He chose us and destined us for a purpose - to be a part of His ongoing and eternal Kingdom work. So, what were we destined for? Sonship - to be heirs with Christ. And what does the passage say is the mark of sonship that God has destined in us? Love - love embodied in holy and blameless lives.  What a grand purpose - yet He called us to something even greater than that - to give "praise to His glorious grace!"

As a believer - every moment, every detail, every mundane task, every errand I run, each load of laundry, every conversation, each line I stand in ... everything has a design and purpose and God is in the middle of it. He made me His child and accomplished His redemptive purpose in me to make me holy and blameless, a reflection of His love so that my life - yes, my very normal, routine life - would point to and magnify His grace!!

There is no such thing as an insignificant moment, hour, day or life for a believer. The most routine and "seemingly" unimportant days of my life are all shaped and marked by a magnificent Savior and a glorious purpose.  He will exalt His grace through me today! There is no "great purpose" to look for - He planned it before the foundation of the world and is carrying it out right now in us! Enjoy today, receive it - we are not destined to a great calling someday - we are in the midst of it right now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In Exodus 24 Moses and 70 of the Elders of Israel go up to the mountain. In verse 11 it says "they saw God and they ate and drank." What a great meal that must have been sitting in the very presence of God. They later must return to the camp below - apart from God. Last Sunday we looked briefly at Deuteronomy 14. The Israelites were instructed to take 1/10th of their harvest and create a meal for their family to enjoy. There were no special instructions about what food to eat - rather it was to be "for whatever your heart desires." It was huge, extravagant feast. It says in verse 26 "you shall eat in the presence of God and rejoice!" There is something moving and inviting about sitting in God's presence and enjoying a meal.

As wonderful as these scenes are, they are just a shadow of what we get to enjoy. Before the cross these were special occasions but because of the life, death and resurrection of our Redeemer the barrier between us and God has been removed and we get to sit in His very presence at all times. As partakers of the Bread of Life (John 6) we enjoy a meal of blessings - not just someday - but in every day. A feast of "every spiritual blessing" has been prepared for us to take and enjoy and embrace!