Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been enjoying my own private oasis this week. Our 15' X 4' pool from Target is usually an arena of violence and competition. My son calls me out to the arena daily for our summer version of backyard basketball - put it in the bucket - anything goes! Although I might occasionally come away with a win, I always come away with a battered body and a lack of oxygen.

This week has been different - since my son has been at basketball camp during the day, the afternoons have been quiet and free of pool brawl. Instead, I have gone out each afternoon, skimmed the pool, dunked myself underwater once and then have peacefully reclined on my $1.50 raft of delight. Twenty minutes (or until my sweat starts boiling) of peaceful, silent, uninterrupted floating in a mini backyard paradise.

It is just 20 minutes, but those brief minutes of calm and stillness have brought huge dividends of strength and renewal. It has once again been a reminder of the wisdom of sabbath moments.  Sabbath moments must always begin with "ceasing" or "stopping". It doesn't matter if the ceasing occurs in a pew, on a bus, at a desk, in the library, standing at the sink, waiting in a line or even floating in a little pool - when we cease our striving we open the door to the Lord's renewal, power and a regaining of a right understanding of our great need for Him in every moment.

Isaiah 30:15 "... in quietness and trust is your strength." My peaceful afternoons will soon come to an end but with a little effort we can always find opportunities for "sabbath moments." We must - they are God's design for strength in our day.

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  1. I absolutely agree that floating on the pool is a perfect moment of stillness for God to talk to me... there are four very important conversations God had with me floating on Jack and Mary Anne's pool.Actually, I think EVERY time I float, He talks to me. Specifically.

    Ok. Another book for you to read. On top of Why Not Women. A little old again, but very good. Evangelism: Outside the Box by Rick Richardson (IVP 2000) As I pray for our little Vineyard... we so need to start reaching out. This seems to fit our style. And who we are called to be, but of course we are sort of stuck in our ways, so it will take some persistance... He is a big Alpha Course guy... but has other options that fit better.
    You are in my daily prayers. Blessings. Christy

    I also just read Basic Christianity by Stott and Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoeffer... on a roll...And Death of the Archbishop by Cather... also highly recommended... Next is An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina... the Hotel Rwanda guy... by the by... John O'Hair hit a home run today. I think. Together with Cameron's worship... ending on a Jars of Clay song and then Cameron's standby... Come Thou Fount of Blessing... except now everyone will picture John's fount in Africa... 15 feet of crystal clear water.


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