Friday, August 31, 2012


Mumford and Sons recently put out a new song  titled "I Will Wait". It is actually a new version of an earlier untitled song. I have been listening to it frequently this past week. I have no idea what is behind the song; like much of their music it is likely about a relationship but could also be a spiritually oriented song about a relationship with the Lord. That is the beauty of a well crafted song - it can mean so many things depending on the listener.

Two images connect with me. The first is a picture of weakness, giving up control of my life, coming to that place of complete inability - surrendering. The second picture in the song is one of resolve - a decision to move ahead in a whole new way. I guess it is the presentation of that tension that the song seems to capture for me that got my attention. Embracing absolute brokenness and weakness and at the same time pressing forward with hope and life. As a child of God I can step forward because I can trust in the strength that only rests in Him. Isaiah 40 describes us like the grass of the field but the Lord is the One whose strength never fails. It is a hard place to live - completely weak and yet moving out into all the places he calls us to - hard, yes - and also life giving and full and beautiful.

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