Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As I shared earlier, I recently returned from a worship leaders conference in Kansas City. There were 2 general sessions each day during which several well known worship bands/leaders would lead us in song and then there would be a time of teaching. Often during the music they would bring all the house lights down and it was then that I would notice how many people had ipads - in this dimmed sanctuary filled with about 1700 worship leaders - you could see the bright glowing screens of scores of ipads. During one session the band was up front leading - most everyone was standing, singing - arms raised. There was a gal in front of me who stood and sang for a few minutes and then sat down with her ipad and proceeded to her Facebook page chatting back and forth with a friend - every now and then she would look up, raise her hands for a bit and sing and then go back to her Facebook page. Here we are singing about being "captivated' by God's presence - well maybe not.

When Isaiah saw the Lord in His temple - nothing could have distracted him. When John saw the "door to heaven standing open" and was invited to "come up here!" - he wasn't distracted by anything else - the Lord had his attention. We can so casually enter God's presence - even doing so without any thought at all. Of course the Scriptures tell us to "boldly come before the throne" - that's because nothing stands in our way because of the cross - but to come boldly and freely is not the same as to enter casually or thoughtlessly.

Truth is - even without an ipad in hand - I am easily distracted and i often can enter into times of corporate worship without any real thought or focus. In Revelation 1:17 after John sees Jesus it says; "when I saw Him, I fell at His feet like a dead man. And He placed His right hand on me..." What a great picture of coming into His presence with awe and wonder and at the same time feeling the gentle, welcoming touch of our Savior. Next time you enter a time of corporate worship - be sure to come prepared, anticipating, waiting, looking, attentive and praying.

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