Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In 1707, Isaac Watts wrote this about hymn singing:  

"While we sing the Praises of our God in his Church, we are employed in that part of Worship which of all others is the nearest a-kin to Heaven: and ‘tis pity that this of all others should be performed the worst upon Earth…. To see the dull Indifference, the negligent and the thoughtless Air that sits upon the Faces of a whole Assembly, while the Psalm is on their Lips, might tempt even a charitable Observer to suspect the Fervency of inward Religion; and ‘tis much to be feared that the Minds of most of the Worshippers are absent or unconcerned."

It has given me reason to consider my own singing, do I enter the words, and do I voice them with resolve, passion and as an offering to the Lord. Perhaps even more importantly, is my voice on Sunday morning a reflection of my activity of worship in my week. We recently sang “Joy to the World”, Isaac Watts take on Psalm 98:4,9,  Two lines in particular caught my attention:

Let every heart prepare him room, ….
He comes to make His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found,
What is the evidence that my heart is a prepared room?  In part – if He dwells within me I will share in His compassions and see the world around me through His eyes. And what does that lead to? A life that is a river of blessing that flows from His dwelling in me out to a hurting and lost and joyless world,  At this time – when we enjoy so much abundance – I should be more in touch with the great want of hope and joy in the world around me and be taking daily steps to reach in to it with the love and compassions of Christ.
So – as I look forward to more great Christmas singing on Sunday - how will I really join in the angels songs and avoid the indifference and lack of fervency that Watts spoke of? I guess it begins today – being an avenue of blessing to those who don’t experience or know the Joy that has come into the world.

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