Thursday, August 25, 2011


One of the blessings of being on sabbatical this summer was the opportunity to visit a number of churches here and in Phoenix. It was good to be able to join them in worship, be taught in the Word and have an increased contact with the extended body of Christ. My biggest surprise was that many churches don't sing well! I am not referring to the quality of their music or voices - most of the churches had great worship teams, a good selection of songs and I'm sure most people had much better singing voices than I. The problem was that I couldn't hear people singing. In some cases there were not many people so they may have felt uncomfortable putting their voice out there. In other places the buildings were so large and the sound was just absorbed so if people were singing, I couldn't hear them. In other congregations - people just didn't sing.

Colossians 3:14-17 creates a direct connection between, the love of Christ, love for one another, the peace of Christ, the Word of Christ, the work of Christ though our activity and ..... singing. When we sing out - particularly as a gathered congregation - our gathering is transformed, our hearts are enlivened and readied for serving, and the imparting of the Word is accomplished on a deeper level. There have been many occasions when I arrive at church and just don't feel like singing, or the songs just don't seem to appeal to me; but when I choose to join in, raise my voice and participate -  a transformation happens, the gates of my soul are opened to the Spirit, the readiness of my heart to participate in the Word is shifted and my engagement with other believers is put into motion as we join voices.

I love singing at the Vineyard. Perhaps its the small building that causes the sound to bounce and bang off the walls filling the space with sound. Perhaps its that we are all packed in so tightly that our voices really seem like one, or perhaps it is that we just like to sing. Either way - it transforms our hearts, it pulls us together, it realigns our attentions and it exalts Jesus.

So - SING!

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