Monday, May 23, 2011


Much has been said in many blogs and on Sunday morning around the country since "Judgment Day" passed by.  I read that Harold Camping intended to spend the hours preceding the rapture watching his television in order to see the events around the world ... I found that rather peculiar but it got me thinking about what it means to be "Looking for the blessed hope and appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus ..." Titus 2:13. Along the same lines, what does it mean to "be alert?" Matt. 24:42

I suppose if I knew for a fact that he was coming today at 6pm my day would look a bit different but what should it look like when we believe He can come at any moment? I believe that "looking" is really all about "living". The Lord brings all sorts of activities, interactions, routines, tasks and opportunities into any given day - they have eternal value and bring glory to God when they are infused by His Spirit and offered to Him. When I am looking to the callings and tasks of my day as coming from Him, then in that day I have been "looking" for His coming. To "be alert" is to be alive to the moment, to see His activity in the present, to be aware of His working through me and around me especially in the daily routines.

So, when Jesus does return, I hope He doesn't find me staring up into the sky or watching for the end of the world on the television. He will probably find me doing some chore, studying for Sunday, talking with someone over coffee, driving my kids somewhere, taking out the garbage, shooting baskets with my son .... "looking for the blessed hope" is doing every activity in His strength, offered for His glory.

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  1. Good post Chris, I think the theme should be we are always in the end times and need to live like that every day. We should also be aware of what scripture tells us about the end times and share that with unbelievers but not try to scare people into the Kingdom with it.


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