Wednesday, January 5, 2011


During the next 4 weeks in our services we will be looking at "An Invitation to the Devoted Life." A central focus of our series revolves around several principles of finding, developing and practicing Sabbath rhythms in our day. I enjoy the topic of Sabbath because it promises me rest!! I love a great nap and I will zealously guard my plans for an hour of Sunday afternoon sleeping. The rest God promises might include a good sleep but goes way beyond to include that deep, confident, centering trust in a Savior that has done all the work. Experiencing and embracing the true rest of God is missed by too many believers. I have considered why I so often miss it as well and I believe my biggest barrier is that before we rest we must stop! The 1st step of sabbath keeping is ceasing or stopping - only when I have quit my own efforts and striving can I begin to understand resting. I can often cease activity - like when I get a nap - but my heart and mind just keep going... planning... striving ... worrying ... creating... The end result is a little sleep without any real rest.

I hate to admit it but my refusal or reluctance to stop is rooted in unbelief. If I actually stop for awhile can I really trust that the Lord will carry everything for me or will it all come tumbling down? Tozer says that the only things that are really safe are those things fully entrusted to the hands of our Savior and whatever I am holding on to is not safe at all. Good news - the One who created everything and gave His life for us is more than able to carry it all for us; not only that but when my life and activities and dreams are in His hands it gets reshaped in His image instead of my own. So today lets try to stop our striving - at least for a few moments and let the deep rest from God pour over our day.

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